Pure VG Nicotine SALT Base Bundle 1,5-12 MG / ML

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Nicotine salts are essentially a crystallized version of nicotine that comes pre-dissolved inside a special blend of liquid Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerin (VG).

Superiorbase’s Nicotine salts are clean and pure. It is also a naturally extracted product that is considered less volatile and more stable than freebase solutions. Therefore, nicotine salt e-juice is often considered much easier to inhale than regular vape juice due to this lower volatility and increased bioavailability. The throat hit is less harsh, which means that DIY’ers and e-liquid manufacturers can crank up the nicotine concentrations of their favorite recipes without negatively affecting the associated throat hit.

SALT Base Bundle 1,5 MG / ML
920 ML E Liquid Base + 8 Nicotine SALT Shots

SALT Base Bundle 3 MG / ML
850 ML E Liquid Base + 15 Nicotine SALT Shots

SALT Base Bundle 6 MG / ML
700 ML E Líquid Base + 30 Nicotine SALT Shots

SALT Base Bundle 9 MG / ML
550 ML E Liquid Base + 45 Nicotine SALT Shots

SALT Base Bundle 12 MG / ML
400 ML E Liquid Base + 60 Nicotine SALT Shots