About us

About us

Superiorbase is a manufacturer, online retailer, and wholesale supplier of eLiquid compounds and accessories. Our products made in Germany and we are selling Internationally to retailers or wholesale suppliers.

Our team follows rigorous manufacturing procedures that guarantee safe and sanitary preparation of our products.
  • We rely ONLY on proven and tested recipes.
  • Reliability of measuring instruments regularly VERIFIED with certified equipment.

Every batch of finished product is examined in accredited, independent laboratories and receives a certificate of quality

Each product is poured into a bottle that not only meets, but even exceeds safety requirements. Child and tamper proof cap, UN bottle certification, induction sealing, absorbant mats and other solutions are used to prevent leakage and ensure safe handling of product.

Packaging of our products is handled with the utmost care.

We cooperate with many couriers and logistic companies, which allows us to offer worldwide delivery at the lowest possible cost.

We do our best to avoid any problems with our products or services, but, like in any business, it’s hard to eliminate mistakes completely. If you face any issue you can always contact us on Email: mail@superiorbase.com